Gender Studies Network – Directory of members

The Gender Studies Network directory of members is online now.

The directory comprises over 80 concise profiles from 18 countries. The information has been provided by the members themselves. In addition to basic data, up to five key areas of interest in the field of Gender Studies and up to five main GS publications are given. The pdf format allows detailed search. The breadth and variety of the work documented is impressive and inspiring. Readers will find many new things, e.g. specialist journals in their very domains they may not yet have heard of. The directory will certainly prove a very useful resource tool both for research and networking.

In combination with the list of “Basic Links” (cp. and the surveys of the volume Rewriting Academia: the Development of the Anglicist Women’s and Gender Studies of Continental Europe (2015), a unique overall view of the Anglicist Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe is possible, such as does not seem to exist for other disciplines also engaged in Women’s and Gender Studies.