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Gender Studies has established itself as a vibrant, highly innovative field of English Studies and contributes decisively to the crucial role the discipline plays among the humanities in Europe. The plethora of achievements, however, also makes it difficult to get an overall picture, particularly as the strong interdisciplinary orientation of Gender Studies encourages co-operation in smaller local or regional units. Much can therefore be gained from European exchange and synergies. In addition, Gender Studies cuts across all sectors of English Studies and a network can help to bring them together for focussed work, greater international visibility and well-deserved prestige.

During ESSE 12, a first panel gathered together colleagues from all over Europe, and there was a general consensus that a broad exchange of information should form the basis of the network. A second panel during ESSE 13 discussed concrete steps, giving also due consideration to European aspects. Some of the results can be found in what follows.

Topical information is posted under News.

Colleagues wishing to join the EGSN can find a registration form asking for a brief self-characterisation under Members. This will be posted in the Directory, the aim being to increase visibility and to facilitate communication in the field. In addition, a mailing list will be created.

During the Galway round table, a call for national correspondents was launched as well. Their main role consists of collecting relevant information (written in English) in their respective countries. Participants from Austria, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Romania, and Spain have already volunteered. See National Correspondents. Candidates from other European countries are welcome! In general, all EGSN members are invited to send us (Renate, Florence, Işil, María) information about CfPs, conferences, publications etc. on English Gender Studies that might interest other members.

The Gallery presents bigger or smaller Anglicist landmarks. Please send us contributions.

Basic Links offers the first list of sites of Anglicist Gender Studies in Europe: two per country and several international ones.

Renate Haas, University of Kiel,

Işil Baş, Boğaziçi University,

Florence Binard, University of Paris Diderot,

María Socorro Suárez Lafuente, University of Oviedo,