Editorial code

The submission of articles offered for publication implies acceptance of the following rules.

1. The contributor grants ESSE exclusive rights to publish his/her contribution in electronic form (as a pdf file, downloadable from the ESSE Messenger website). The contribution is understood to include all material submitted for publication, i.e. text, figures, tables, graphs, abstracts, references, and all supplementary material accompanying the contribution.

2. Provided that the author gives a full bibliographical reference for his/her contribution when it is published (see below), the author may:

  • share print or electronic copies of the contribution with colleagues;
  • use all or part of the contribution, without revision or modification, in personal compilations or other publications of his/her own work;
  • use the contribution within his/her institution for educational or research purposes.

If ESSE receives any request to reproduce material first published in The Messenger, the request will be forwarded to the original author, and if the author agrees to reproduction no objection will be raised by ESSE, provided proper acknowledgement of the original publication is made. ESSE will normally ask the following text to accompany republished material: “Copyright ESSE and [Author’s Name]. First published in The ESSE Messenger XX/Y 20ZZ”. Any fee paid for reproducing the material will go to the author, but ESSE will not negotiate fees on behalf of authors. If the author wishes to re-publish such material elsewhere, then ESSE will raise no objection, provided acknowledgement of original publication is given as stated above.

3. In submitting a contribution the author warrants that:

  • it is original work, has not been published before and is not being considered for publication elsewhere in its final form either in printed or electronic form;
  • the author has obtained permission from the copyright holder to reproduce in the contribution (in all media including print and electronic form) material not owned by the author, and that the author has acknowledged the source;
  • in the case of a multi-authored contribution, the person who submits it is authorized to answer on behalf of all the co-authors.If material is submitted to the Messenger for publication which is copyright, in whole or in part, it is the responsibility of the person submitting the material to obtain permission to reproduce the material and to find out what form of acknowledgement should be printed and/or what fees should be paid. Under no circumstances will ESSE be held responsible for the payment of such fees.

If material submitted to the Messenger for publication is not already copyright, as will normally be the case, then copyright will be claimed upon publication and will normally then be held jointly by the author and ESSE, unless otherwise agreed and stated in the Messenger.