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Materials such as news, info and notes about current ESSE matters, conference reports, academic events, book announcements or in memoriam articles are published as they are received on the All Blog Posts page of The Blog platform of the ESSE Messenger website. The materials published as blog posts are associated with several categories listed in The Blog menu; if clicked, the specific posts associated with them are displayed.

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Professional articles, book reviews, literary excerpts from guest authors, interviews are published in PDF issues (downloadable from: Journal > ESSE Messenger > Issues) twice a year – (i) in July (the Summer issue) and (ii) December (the Winter issue). These issues are open access.

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The professional articles published in the ESSE Messenger are assessed by external experts not affiliated with the same institution as the article’s author. The final screening and decision of publication belongs to the ESSE Messenger Academic Editorial Board.

All contributions to the ESSE Messenger should be original work and observe the Editorial Code and the Stylesheet and should be sent to the Editor at the email address inserted below. The opinions expressed by the contributors are their own responsibility.

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Vol. 30-1 Summer 2021
Theme: Language Change

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Proceedings of the ESSE Doctoral Symposium

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