European Summer University in Digital Humanities “Culture & Technology”

The European Summer University in Digital Humanities “Culture & Technology” will be held from 24.07 – 4.08.2023 at its new home at Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The programme of the Summer University consists of: intensive Workshops, Hands-on sessions, Teaser Sessions, Lectures, Project Presentation Sessions, Round Table Discussions, Poster Sessions. The summer university is directed at an international audience. Students in their final year, graduates, postgraduates, doctoral students, postdocs, teachers, librarians and technical assistants from all over Europe and beyond who are involved in the theoretical, experimental or practical application of computational methods in the various areas of the Humanities, in libraries and archives, or wish to do so are the target audience of the courses. To learn more about ESUDH, visit our site:

Nabokov Society Prizes and Grants 2023

The International Vladimir Nabokov Society is currently seeking submissions for its 2023 Prizes, generously funded by the Vladimir Nabokov Literary Foundation, for excellence in undergraduate and graduate-level work, published articles, and books. Work can be self-nominated. Instructors are invited to nominate students. The deadline for nominations is April 30th, 2023. The list of prizes can be viewed here:

Founded in 1978, the IVNS exists to promote the study and appreciation of Nabokov’s work and awards prizes each year for outstanding essays and books in the field of Nabokov Studies.

See the attached file for more details on each prize and on grants.

TransCanadian Networks – ESSE Workshop (ESSE Collaborative Project Workshop Scheme)

TransCanadian NetworksES – SE Workshop
(ESSE Collaborative Project Workshop Scheme)
November 9-11, 2022
Universidad de las Islas Baleares

Event Report

The workshop took place in the terms articulated in our original application for funding. Designed for the research team of the funded project TransCanadian Networks (RED2018-102643-T) to meet with a selected group of European scholars in the field of contemporary Literatures and Cultures of Canada and articulate the research axes of a new application for a larger grant, the workshop had three key objectives: a) to expand the size of the present research team, inviting prominent Europe-based Canadianists, b) to define, refine and organize the work around crucial areas of research within the field and c) to write the first draft of the application for the larger grant. These objectives were fully achieved. The event was highly successful and provided the necessary time and space to work out practical and intellectual details of this new expanded project. 

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Prof. Liliane Louvel will receive the Grand Prix d’Honneur of SAES

Professor Liliane Louvel, Professor emerita of literature in the English language at the University of Poitiers and former president of ESSE  between 2013-2018, will be awarded the “Grand Prix d’Honneur” on 10th of September. The prize will be awarded on behalf of SAES (the French national association associated with ESSE whose Honorary President Liliane Louvel is). This prize, which is awarded every four years, is a homage to a member of SAES for the totality of his or her exceptional contributions to English studies. Congratulations!

Eco/logical Learning and Simulation Environments in Higher Education (ELSE) (2018-2021)

No. 2018-1-ITO2-KA203-048006

The Erasmus+ research project Eco/logical Learning and Simulation Environments in Higher Education, in short, ELSE, was registered as part of the key action, Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices (Strategic Partnerships). The priority of the project is Higher Education and the development of skills – supporting the use of digital technologies to improve pedagogies and assessment methods. Its horizontal priority consists of (a) open education and innovative practices in a digital era and (b) the extension and development of educators’ competences.

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Professor Fernando Galván Reula, Officer of the Order of the British Empire

Picture Gallery

As already known, Professor Fernando Galván, the former ESSE president, has been awarded the O.B.E order of the British Empire by the Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

On 25th April 2018 the British ambassador in Madrid, Mr Simon Manley, held a reception at his residence (some 60 guests attended) in order to formally impose Professor Galván the medal of Officer of the Order of the British Empire conferred by HM Queen Elizabeth II in 2017. Many academics from half a dozen universities in Spain (University of Alcalá, Complutense University of Madrid, Autonomous University of Madrid, Technical University of Madrid, National Open University, and University of Salamanca), as well as some educational authorities, diplomats and members of the British Council in Spain were present.

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AIA Summer School

British Romanticism Then and Now: Poetics, Language(s), Translation and Culture

Viareggio, Palazzo Paolina
4-9 July 2018

AIA (Associazione Italiana di Anglistica) is pleased to announce its forthcoming Summer School, which will be held in Viareggio (not far from Pisa), a special place for the British romantics as Shelley’s dead body was burnt to ashes there and a monument and a square are dedicated to him.

As you can see from the programme, there will be lectures by renowned international and Italian experts on Romanticism, and workshops for hands-on approach to the topic. The Summer School will be paralleled by a “Festival Shelley” with evening talks and events meant for the community at large and the tourists in Viareggio.

The Summer School fee is very low as we mainly want to attract PhD students, and we are looking forward to welcoming students from all over Europe.

Summer School Programme

Didactic programme

[1] Lectures

Lilla Maria Crisafulli, Bologna, Italy: Reading Shelley’s Poetry: the Language of Music and the Arts
Nora Crook, Cambridge, UK: Mary Shelley and Shakespeare: Frankenstein and Theatricality
Franca Dellarosa, Bari, Italy: Teaching and Researching Romanticisms: Race, Slavery and Abolition
Marina Dossena, Bergamo, Italy: Ideologies of Linguistic Representation in Late Modern Times and Beyond
Alan Rawes, Manchester, UK: Romantic Poetry: An Introduction Diego Saglia, Parma, Italy: The Gothic Orient and the Global: Telling Romantic (Hi)Stories

[2] Seminars

Mirella Agorni, Milan, Italy: Translating Science in the Early Romantic Period and the Birth of the Female Reader
Serena Baiesi, Bologna, Italy: Varieties of Romantic Fiction and Prose Writing: Gothic, Sentimental, Historical and Political
Rocco Coronato, Padua, Italy: Thoughts on Translating Coleridge’s Rime
Giuliana Ferreccio, Turin, Italy and Elena Spandri, Siena, Italy: “Unknown modes of being”: Wordsworth reinventing the sacred in The Prelude and in Memorials of a Tour in Italy
Greg Kucich, Chicago, US: Romanticism and Women’s Historical Drama
Alan Rawes, Manchester, UK: Lord Byron: Passion, Politics and Popularity
Annalisa Sandrelli, Rome, Italy: Adapting Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice for the screen: a challenge for Italian dubbing

Key-note lectures

Pamela Church Gibson, London, UK: Romanticism, Film, New Media
Michael Bradshaw, Worcester, UK: Disabling Romanticism
Tim Fulford, Leicester, UK: Romantic Masculinities and Heroic Science

 AIA Summer School Brochure

 AIA Summer School Registration form

Professor Fernando Galvan awarded the O.B.E order of the British Empire

Professor Fernando Galvan, our former ESSE president, has been awarded the O.B.E order of the British Empire by the Queen to distinguish him for his contribution to developing educational relationships between Spain and Britain. This is a very rare occasion to give such a tribute to someone outside Britain.

Old and Middle English Summer School

Naxos, Greece: Old and Middle English Summer School, 19-27 July 2017

Host Institution: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of English.

The summer school will offer Old and Middle English intensive language and linguistics classes for a period of nine days. The aim is to attract students and scholars to study Old and Middle English in a relaxed yet very focused and stimulating atmosphere that promotes in depth analysis and discussion.

Certificate of attendance will be awarded to all participants plus certification of the 6 ECTS gained.

Please notice that the registration fees cover the accommodation in the municipality hostel for the whole period of classes.

Students will also be offered a discount of 50% for the ferry tickets, and a light lunch will be offered to participants.

Summer school site:


Alexander Bergs, University of Osnabrück
Olga Fischer, University of Amsterdam
Nikolaos Lavidas, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Donka Minkova, University of California, Los Angeles


An introduction to Old English phonology and meter (Donka Minkova)
How did English change? A basic course in Old English and the circumstances that led to its modern appearance (Olga Fischer)
Variation in Old and Middle English (Historical corpora and linguistic theory) (Nikolaos Lavidas)
Historical Sociolinguistics: Old and Middle English (Alexander Bergs)

Workshop (26 July):

New Approaches to the History of Early English(es) II

EJES – 20th Anniversary

ejes-logoCelebrating 20 Years of EJES (The European Journal of English Studies)

2016 brings the publication of the 20th volume of the European Journal of English Studies (EJES). To mark this occasion, the Editors have curated a special collection of articles which not only showcases the breadth of scholarship that has been a feature of the journal over the last two decades, but also hopes to inspire contributions for future issues. The anniversary collection features an article from each volume of EJES, free to read, with a commentary from the Editors. It also includes an insightful introduction from Professor Kayman which is designed not only to look back on previous content, but also to inspire contributions for future themed issues.

You can see the Virtual Special Issue on the Taylor & Francis website here:

pdf-1 NEJE 2016 ESSE Flyer