Please submit your contribution to the Editor at:, as a .doc / .docx / .odt file, attaching also a .pdf version if it requires the use of special fonts or contains special formatting, tables or diagrams / images.


Paper Heading

  • title (centered, bold)
  • your name (bold),
  • your university affiliation (regular),
  • an abstract of no more than 100 words (Tines New Roman 10).
  • 4-6 keywords (Times New Roman 10)


  • Paper format: A4
  • Margins:
    Top and Bottom: 1 inch (2.5 cm),
    Left and Right:  1 inch (2.5 cm).
  • Document font: Times New Roman 12.
  • Line spacing: Single, Justified
  • Use Word in-built styles: Heading 1 for the article title and Headings 2 and 3 for subtitles.
  • Use Italics for emphasis, book titles, words in foreign languages, etc.
  • Leave a space between paragraphs, titles, subtitles, block quotations, diagrams or tables.
  • Indent longer quotations (block quotations) 0.5 inch (1.25 cm) left and right in Times New Roman 10.
  • Do not number pages.
  • Please avoid abbreviations – also in the text and notes. Only the simplest and most common are acceptable (‘etc.’, ‘i.e.’, ‘e.g.’. ‘et al.’). Appendices must appear at the end of the text, after the references.
  • Please do not use footnotes for bibliographical citations. Place such citations directly in the text, in parentheses. Follow the conventions of:
    APA (for articles of linguistics); details at: and
    MLA (for articles of literature and cultural studies); details at:
    Please insert such citations manually – avoid using Word’s option to insert references automatically (References Tab > Citations & Bibliography) as this might lead to erratic results when articles are inserted into the journal.
  • If you still have notes and / or remarks to add to your article, number them manually – “[1]” – and place them at the end of the document under the heading Notes.
  • Place your bibliographical list of the works you cited from – arranged in alphabetical order – at the end of the document under the heading Works Cited. Use paragraph hanging indent 0.25 inch (63 cm) and Times New Roman 10.

Length limit

Because this is an online publication there is no length limit.

Book reviews, events / conference reports, publications

Please observe the formatting rules listed above and provide full details of the book or event concerned in the title, followed by your name and affiliation, e.g.:


  • Name and surname of the author of the book,
  • Title of the book.
  • Place of publication: name of the publisher, year of publication. Number of pages, price, ISBN (both HB and PB if applicable).
  • Name and surname of the reviewer (affiliation, country)


  • Official title of the event
  • Place, dates of beginning and end of the event.
  • Name and surname of the reporter (affiliation, country)


  • Working title of the book or title of the host journal
  • Deadline for proposals
  • Contact address (name and email address of main contact person)

The articles and book reviews will be published online as a journal in PDF format, the event / conference reports and publication launches on the Blog page of this site.

Do not hesitate to contact the Editor (at: if you have any queries.

The deadline for submissions of articles and book reviews is – unless otherwise stated – 31 May for the Summer issue and 31 October for the Winter issue. Should there be a backlog of submissions accepted for publication, publication will normally follow the order in which contributions were received.

The editor reserves the absolute right to accept or reject submissions for publication. The editor also reserves the right to make changes to texts submitted, including shortening texts or making linguistic changes, without consultation with the author. Changes which substantially affect the meaning of the text will, however, be cleared with the author before publication.