The European English Messenger used to carry advertisements in its paper issues. As our journal goes online from the Summer of 2016, it is now possible to place advertisements in the website of The ESSE Messenger.

The link to each issue of The ESSE Messenger is distributed to over 7,000 lecturers and professors of English in European higher education. The ESSE Messenger is the best single medium for reaching all the specialists in English Studies in European higher education.

(a) Advertising on the ESSE website is restricted to products and services connected with culture, education and research: college opportunities, publishers of journals and books, theatres, cultural exhibitions, summer schools, etc. ESSE reserves the right to refuse an advertisement judged to be unsuitable.

(b) The advertisements can be placed at the top of any one or of several of the following pages, just below the title of the page and above the editorial content:

The choice of the page(s) where the advertisements will be displayed is left to the advertisers.

Several banners can be carried at the top of each page.

The editor may decide to separate the banners from the editorial content by a thin grey line at his discretion.

(c) The advertisements will take the shape of horizontal banners; the sizes accepted are the following:

  • thick horizontal banners with a maximum size of 300 x 250 pixels
  • thinner and longer horizontal banners with a maximum size of 600 x 160 pixels
  • thin and long horizontal banners with a maximum size of 750 x 90 pixels

It has to be kept in mind that all visitors to the ESSE Messenger website who use narrow-screen devices such as smartphones or tablets with vertical screens will see banners automatically reduced in scale to fit the width of their screens, except in the case of the 300 x 250 banners.

The formats accepted for the banners are .jpg, .png, or animated .gif.

The banners can include links to the advertiser’s websites.

(d) The banners will remain displayed for a total duration of 6 months or 12 months according to the contract.

The ESSE Messenger being a semestrial journal, the duration of 6 months for banners displayed on the page of the current issue of The ESSE Messenger will be understood as the period between the posting of an issue of the journal and of the posting of the following issue.

(e) The cost of advertising on the Messenger website:

  • advertising on one page:
    > 500 € for 6 months,
    > 800 € for 12 months
  • advertising on two pages:
    > 800 € for 6 months,
    > 1,200 € for 12 months
  • advertising on three pages:
    > 1,100 € for 6 months,
    > 1,600 € for 12 months.

Advertisers are allowed to change the contents of any banner at any time while the contract is running at a cost of 100 € per change.