ESSE Bursaries for 2019

In 2019, ESSE will offer funding of up to €19,000 to help cover costs associated with a research trip.

ESSE will again offer TWO types of travel bursaries:

  1. Type A: a number of bursaries of up to €1,500 each will be available for scholars in need of support to pursue a project or programme of research leading to the writing of their PhD dissertation.
  2. Type B: a number of bursaries of up to €1,500 each will be available for scholars already holding a doctorate or its equivalent.

Applications are invited from all member countries. Awards are made on the basis of academic merit.

Only one application per person is allowed.

Bursaries may not be used to support research trips begun before the Bursary Committee has announced the outcome of the competition.

Applications for Type A and Type B Bursaries will not normally be entertained from candidates who have previously been successful in that competition.

In the case of both competitions A and B, winners are expected to make a short-term visit to a country where they, for example, identify an outstanding holding, collection or other type of material relevant to their research, or where they gather corpus materials or conduct an experiment. Conference participation is not supported by these bursaries; award winners may extend their visit at their own expense to attend a conference in the country concerned, but no part of the conference expenses will be covered by the bursary. Bursaries must be utilized and the study trips completed by the application deadline for next year’s bursaries, i.e. 1 March 2020.

After completing the research trip, winners will be asked to send a financial report to the Treasurer of ESSE and a report about their results to both the Treasurer and the Chair of the Selection Committee. This latter report may be published in ESSE Messenger.

Applicants for the first type of bursary are required to be members of their national associations affiliated to ESSE with the exception of the Serbian Association for the Study of English which does not consider PhD students eligible as members; in this case, their supervisors must be ESSE members.

Applicants for the second type of bursaries must be registered members of their national associations affiliated to ESSE for at least one year (membership starting on 1 January of the previous year – this is to say, January 2018).

The deadline for applications for both types of Bursaries is 1 March 2019.

Notification to the applicants should be sent (electronically) by 15 April 2019. Applicants should send electronically to the chair of the Selection Committee:

  • the completed application form (see below) with sections on personal information, a list of the applicant’s most important publications, a research plan, and a provisional budget proposal;
  • a scanned or electronically generated letter issued by the president or the secretary of the appropriate national organization to certify the membership of the applicant (or his/her supervisor in Serbia);
  • for Type A bursaries, a letter of recommendation, sent directly via email to the Chair of the Selection Committee by the supervisor of the PhD candidate.

Note: the names of the bursary winners and their projects will be published on the ESSE website.

Selection Committee:

 Bursaries 2019 Announcement Application Form