ESSE Doctoral Symposium 2019

This is to remind members of ESSE-affiliated associations and their PhD students that the deadline for applications to the ESSE Doctoral Symposium 2019, to be held on 27 and 28 August in Wrocław (Poland), is rapidly approaching: 28 February 2019. Full instructions about how to apply (and the opportunities for financial support) are available at


ESSE Doctoral Symposium

ESSE organizes an annual Doctoral Symposium, which continues a tradition dating from 2012 and is designed to provide a platform for young scholars to present and receive feedback on their work. The Symposium is open without charge to PhD students who are writing their theses in English Studies and are at least in the second year of work on their doctorate at the time of the Symposium. To be eligible, either their supervisor or they themselves must be known to the Treasurer of ESSE as a member of an ESSE-affiliated Association (or, in relevant countries, of a Department that belongs to an ESSE-affiliated Association) at the moment of application. The next Symposium will take place in the Institute of English Studies at the University of Wrocław (Poland) on 27 and 28 August 2019.

For details such as

  • How to apply to participate?
  • How to apply for financial support?