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L’Epoque Conradienne vol. 43
Energy in Conrad and Hardy

Nathalie Martinière & Peggy Blin-Cordon eds. (+ introduction), 
Limoges: Pulim, 2022, 116 pp.
ISBN10 : 2-84287-854-2
ISBN13 : 9782842878542

The age of Thomas Hardy and Joseph Conrad saw the discovery of many new forms of energy: steam, gas and electricity contributed to reshaping the environment as well as the social and economic organization of the world. How did these new energies compete or interfere with older ones, like those of the human body and of nature in general? And how did the two writers accommodate, or render in prose or verse the power of these new energies, the fascination/repulsion for their chemical/physical impulses? Aside from pure epistemology, can the notion of energy help us read the two authors differently?

This volume contains papers given in the panel “Energy in Conrad and Hardy” during the 15th ESSE International Conference held online (Lyon, France) on 01-02 September, 2021. 

Table of contents
In Memoriam – Claude Maisonnat (1945-2019)


– I – Energy 

  • Dynamis and Energeia in Joseph Conrad’s Under Western Eyes 
  • Degeneration and regeneration in Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the d’Urbervilles and Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Agent 
  • “There is, from that point of view, a deplorable lack of concentration in coal”: New Energies and the Crisis of Adventure in Conrad’s Insular Fiction.
    Julie GAY
  • Energy and “the stillness of the stones” in Tess of the d’Urbervilles
    Annie RAMEL
  • “Trimming”, Fellatio and Cross-Dressing: Sexual Innuendo and Subversive Energy in Thomas Hardy’s “The Distracted Preacher” 
    Jane THOMAS

– II – Varia 

  • Defending Duplicity: Reading Against Writing in Joseph Conrad’s “The Secret Sharer” 
  • Ludmilla VOITKOVSKA
  • « Falk » : un proto-Koh-ring
    Patrick TOURCHON

Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness, edited by John G. Peters, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, Broadview Press, 2019, 240 p.P
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