ESSE-13 (2016) Conference – Space on S17

galway2016-logoESSE-13 conference, August 22 to August 26 2016, NUI Galway, Galway, Ireland. There is still space on this seminar – please send an immediate expression of interest to the co-convenors.

S17 “Contact, Identity and Morphosyntactic Variation in Diasporic Communities of Practice”


This seminar aims to look at issues of language maintenance and shift in heritage communities of practice. Specific attention will be paid to discussing their longstanding migration, cultural heritage and identity construction. Mobility, contact and exchanges are increasing, social and communicative networks are becoming more complex, and the sociolinguistics of diaspora is beginning to address new issues. Diasporic communities are constantly increasing in size and number in the urban centres, making them sites of diversity. What happens to single heritage languages as they are relocated into new settings, creating new dialect contact situations? Papers resulting from ethnographic fieldwork and observation with a focus on language use, morphosyntactic variation and heritage identity are of particular interest