Conference Report: Education and Cultural Heritage

“Education and Cultural Heritage” Conference

Brussels (Belgium), June 10, 2017

Marisa Kerbizi, “Alexander Moisiu” University of Durrës (Albania) and CEO of “Association of Heritage and Education”

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“Education and Cultural Heritage” Conference was organized by Association of Heritage and Education in cooperation with Cultural Association Konitza, on June 10, 2017. The conference was hosted by Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce, Brussels, Belgium. Scholars from well known academic institutions and universities in the region took part in this conference; worthy to mention a few, La Sapienza University of Rome, Tirana University, “Alexander Moisiu” University, Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education of Indonesia, Volgograd University, Danubius University of Galati, South-East European University, “Ismail Qemali” University, European University of Tirana,“Fan Noli” University but also Institute of National Economy Bucharest, FEDRA, Young Ambassadors Program Initiative, Centre for the Modern History Documentation of Volgograd Region, etc.

The conference featured a welcoming note by Counselor for Education, Associate Professor Pranvera Kamani, representative of Mission of Albania in EU. A very interesting speech was held by Ms.Amet Gjanaj, Deputy in Belgium Parliament. A Special Guest in ICECH Conference was Ms.Haxhi Bajraktari, Minister-Counselor in Embassy of Kosovo Republic in Brussels. Conference keynote speakers were Prof. Dr. Dhimitër Doka, Tirana University and Associate Professor PhD Gabriela Marchis, Danubius University of Galati, Romania.

The papers, presented in the concurrent sessions, brought up into discussion different topics related to challenges of education and protection / conservation of cultural heritage. The conference was held in the spirit of mutual respect and fruitful exchange of ideas.

The first session was introduced and moderated by Prof. Dr. Hasan Jashari and Elena Giral, who also shared their expertise in the related fields. Many distinguished speakers referred in this panel, i.e. Jonida Drogu, Counselor of Albania in Middle East, Associate Professor Kledi Shegani, PhDc. Elsa Skënderi Rakipllari,  Dr. Helena Grillo, PhD Livia Chisagiu, PhD. Olesia Gomanenko, Dr. Lindita Lutaj, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elisabeta Osmanaj, Dr. Valbona Muça and PhDc Silva Ibrahimi.

The second session was chaired by PhDc. Mejola Kodra who welcomed lecturers and academics that brought their expertise through virtual presentations. We were honored to have among us Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jostina Dhimitri, Dr.Sulltana Bilbilaj, Dr. Fatlinda Shkurtaj, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eva Teqja, Dr. Lidra Zegali, PhDc Marija Dulevska, Assoc.Prof. Dr.Merita Koka Karaguni. Dr. Ndriçim Mehmeti, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nevila Furxhiu, Anri Kusaku, Elona Cera, Prof. Fendi Adiatmono, Dr. Petrit Taraj, Dr. Marija Dojçe, PhD. Blerta Avdija and MSc. Aida Zoto.

The third session was introduced and moderated by Dr.Marisa Kërbizi and Olivera Mijuskovic. This session welcomed lecturers and professionals like Assoc. Prof.Dr. Zhuljeta Kadilli, Ardian Lami, Dr.Edlira Macaj (Tonuzi), Dr. Arbana Zhapaj, PhD Eldisa Cirogu, Asif Malik, Olivera Mijuskovic, MSc. Afërdita Bano, MSc. Juliana Dulla, MSc. Helena Lubonja, MSc.Zef Ujkaj, PhDc. Lindita Liçaj, Anila Dhamo, MSc.Edlira Hani, Prof. Elona Mëhilli, MSc. Valentina Telhaj, Msc. Edlira Tafani and MSc. Klotilda Jaupi.

The closing panel was introduced and moderated by PhDc Mejola Kodra who emphasized the unique spirit of ICECH conferences and announced future projects with our existing and new academic partners.

The proceedings of the conference were published in a special edition of International Journal of Science (ISSN-P 2304-473X)