Book Announcement: Edward Bond: Bondian Drama and Young Audience

Title: Edward Bond: Bondian Drama and Young Audience
Edited by: Ugur Ada
Publisher: Vernon Press
Publication date: August 2023
ISBN: 978-1-64889-700-9

The book upholds the importance of theatre for young audiences in today’s world, pointing specifically to Edward Bond’s latest plays, primarily written for young people, starting in the 1990s. Various studies conducted by researchers from different countries highlight the political, social, and cultural history of theatre for children and its aesthetic and educational functions. The diversity of researchers underscores the glowing international appraisals of Edward Bond’s plays, which have been translated into different languages and performed worldwide. The study’s section on Bond’s theoretical background analyzes the theatrical concepts applied by the experienced playwright over the course of his prolific writing career. Implications based on Bondian Drama provide researchers, performers, theatre companies, and audiences with new insights.

Prof. Dr. Juan de Dios Torralbo Caballero
Department of English and German Studies
University of Córdoba, Spain

Edward Bond: Bondian Drama and Young Audience focuses on one of the most influential playwrights of Britain, Edward Bond, and his plays for young audiences. The chapters examine the theatrical and pedagogical prospects of the plays on young people which have been mostly staged since 1990s, throughout the globe.

The issues covered in this book involve interdisciplinary studies such as theatre, pedagogy, ethics, children, culture, politics, among others. These topics have crucial importance for the production of plays for young audiences. Apart from this, the book focuses on Bondian Drama and its relation with the dramatic child, involving most of his plays for young audiences. The authors in this volume examine theatrical and pedagogical backgrounds of the plays, discussing critical issues, by questioning the specialities of Bondian drama and present future implications of this for young audiences. This volume presents substantial and elaborate information on crucial issues, and enable detailed discussions from various perspectives on theatre.

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