Issue XV/1 – Spring 2006

Cover design, image and advertisement manipulation by Kristian Stotesbury, Mäntsälä, Finland

The ESSE President’s Column, p. 2
ESSE Positions, p. 2
Digitalization of The European English Messenger, p. 3
ESSE Bursary Winners 2006, p. 5
The ESSE Database, Publishers’s Mailings and University-English, p. 5
European Journal of English Studies: Calls for Papers, p. 6

ESSE 8-2006 London Conference Programme, p. 11


Constanza del Rio Álvaro and Francisco Collado Rodriguez, On Literature and Ethic: An Interview with J. Hillis Miller, p. 23

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Lidia Vianu, “I am a Survivor from another Culture”: An Interview with Michael Hamburger, p. 35
Michael Hamburger, Two Poems, p. 38

Peter Lawson, Satire and Apocalypse in the Poems of Michael Hamburger, p. 42

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Sara Martin, The Wood and the Trees: Popular Fictions between Literary and Cultural Studies, p. 46
Paula Kalaja,Whither Goest Thou? Foreign Language Learning and Teaching from a Finnish Perspective, p. 54

Neil Forsyth, The Original Pronunciation Troilus and Cressida at Shakespeare’s New Globe Theatre, p. 62

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Stan Smith, “Louis MacNeice in Barcelona, December 1938”, p. 66

Joseph Pridmore, Life for a Day: Review, p. 67

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Stipe Grgas, English Studies in Croatia, p. 69

Conference Reports: Neil Forsyth, Jacek Mydla, p. 75
Book Reviews: Emmanouil Aretoulakis, David Malcolm, Krisztina Timár, Stipe Grgas, Marguérite Corporaal, p. 77
Calls for Articles: Journals & Anthologies, p. 91

Calls for Papers: Conferences, p. 94

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ESSE Board Members, p. 96