Issue XIV/1 – Spring 2005


Cover design and photograph manipulation by Kristian Stotesbury, Mäntsälä, Finland

The ESSE President’s Column 2
ESSE 8-2006 London Conference: extended deadlines 3
Dennis Brutus, “March 25”: A Poem 4
AEDEAN Statement: English Studies in the Spanish Universities 5
The Bologna Process
The Bologna-Prague-Berlin Process
J. Lachlan Mackenzie 7
ESSE Bursaries 2005 14
European Universities prior to the Bologna Reform
A Survey of English Studies in Europe
Martin A. Kayman 15
Georgia Scott, “Telling the Home Truths”: Five Poems 31
A Professional Memoir
A Life in Linguistics
Jan Svartvik 34
Suhayl Saadi, “A Beautiful Chaos” 45
Articles, Interview
Notes Towards a New Imagology
Anthony W. Johnson 50
An Interview with Bernardine Evaristo
Sofia Muñoz Valdivieso 59
A Poor Forked Anima(l), or, The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Moore
Hedwig Schwall 64
Reviews, Reports
Book Reviews
Adam Piette, Anthony W. Johnson, Emily Budick, Richard Nate, Gerald Porter, Maria Lassén-Seger, Dorota Smyk-Bhattacharjee, Anja Janoschka, Biljana Cubrovic 73
Conference Reports
Jelena Jelic, Sanford E. Marowitz 89
Conferences, Journals, Summer Schools
Editorial Afterword 95
ESSE Board Members 96