Issue VIII/2 – Autumn 1999


Cover: ‘Prey’ by Paula Rego, acrylic on canvas (1986), reprinted by kind permission of the artist.
Special thanks also to Dora O’Hare of Cambridge University Press and to Malborough Fine Arts.


ESSE Matters

Editorial 2
President’s Column: ESSE and the EU Helmut Bonheim 3
Secretary’s Report  Graham D. Caie  6
Postgraduate Study of English in Europe  Jan Rusiecki  7
ESSE Bursaries 13
Doing Shakespeare
Editing Shakespeare for the Next Millenium  Ann Thompson 15
Shakespeare for Everybody: The Ferrara Project  Mariangela Tempera 20
Making Us Other Selves: The Tale of a Student Shrew  Evgenia Pancheva 23
Writing, Translating, and Re-Writing
The Cambridge Guide to Women’s Writing in English  Caroline Bundy & Lorna Sage 24
The Literary Advisory Committee of the British Council  Michèle Roberts 31
Three Poems  Michèle Roberts 32
Anglo-Saxon Verse  Graham Holderness 34
Translations from the Anglo-Saxon  Graham Holderness 38
Critical-Creative Re-writing: a Briefing  Rob Pope 41
St. Paul; Or, the Christian Uncoupling  Slavoj Zizek 45
Multilingualism in Literature  Jean-Jacques Weber 50
Translating into Scots  Manfred Görlach 52
The Transgressing Reindeer  Caroline Patey 54
Medieval Studies Web-Sites  Graham D. Caie 56
Using a Concordancer in Literary Studies  María Rosario Cabellero 59
Centres & Projects Reports
Colonies-Missions-Cultures  Susanne Reichl 65
Evaluating Shakespeare  John J. Joughin 67
Sixth International Milton Symposium  Neil Forsyth 69
 Conference Announcements 84
 Journals 90
ESSE Board Members 96


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The Berlin Report on Resources for Scholarship

Varieties of Postgraduate Studies of English in Europe