Issue VIII/1- Spring 1999


ESSE Matters
President’s Column: Conference Papers Helmut Bonheim 2
The ESSE Seminar System: Another View Holger Klein 6
History of English
Historical Linguistics in English Studies Nikolaus Ritt 7
On Writing a History of English: Variation & Change Matti Rissanen 9
On Writing a History of English: The ‘Local’ & the ‘Global’ Dieter Kastovsky 13
On Editing Anthologies
Anthologies in Europe Thomas Healy 16
An Anthology of African American Literature Nelly Y. McKay 20
Articles, poems, and an interview
The ‘Feminine’: A Critical Angle for Poetics Claire Joubert 24
Teach Yourself Lesbian and Gay Studies Gregory Woods 29
Four Poems Gregory Woods 35
An Interview with Thomas Kinsella Donatella Abbate Badin 38
Four Poems Thomas Kinsella 41
V. I. Lenin Jean-Jacques Lecercle 44
New Books on British Journalism Hans-Jürgen Diller 47
Publishing in Brief Robert Clark & Martin A. Kayman  50
Computer Corner Adam Piette 53
Humanities Computing: Text to Hypertext Susan Schreibman 55
On trying to be Crystal-clear: a response to Phillipson David Crystal 59
Response Robert Phillipson 65
‘Time and Time Again’: A Response to Dieter Wolff on CALL Alain Cazade 67
Centres, Projects & Queries  71
Scenes of Writing: A Conference on Print Culture Robert Miles 76
Inaugural Conference of EFACI Catherine Maignant & Hedwig Schwall 77
Race and Religion in Contemporary Theatre Klaus Peter Müller 78
Organising a Conference: AEDEAN Aida Díaz Bild 79
 ESSE5-2000 Conference Programme  80
 Pre-Registration Form  96
Conference announcements 97
Journals 104
Board Members 108