Issue VII/2 – Autumn 1998


Editorial 2
Esse Matters
President’s Column: The Information Society Helmut Bonheim 4
ESSE/5 6
ESSE Bursaries 7
The New Seminar System at ESSE Catherine Belsey 8
News from the Board 10
Patricia Shaw: In Memoriam 11
Writing Literary History
The Climates of Literary History: Past, Present, Future Jonathan Bate 12
Writing The Short Oxford History of English Literature Andrew Sanders 21
Writing The Routledge History of Literature in English Ronald Carter & John McRae 25
Articles, poems, and an interview
A Tribute to E. P. Thompson Fred Inglis 28
Four Poems E. P. Thompson 29
Interview with Max Stafford-Clark Paulo Eduardo Carvalho 33
A Place for Children’s Literature in English Studies Peter Hollindale 40
Grendelle: Beowulf’s Dead Mother Christina Dokou 44
F. R. Leavis Terry Eagleton 49
African-American English (with Checklist) John Holm 53
Bibliography on CD-Rom Margarita Chourova & Christo Stamenov 56
Make your own bibliography Martin A. Kayman 58
New Shadwell edition Aspasia Velissariou 60
New Writing Russell West 62
Publishing in Brief Robert Clark 64
Computer Corner Adam Piette 66
Computers and New Technologies in Language Learning Dieter Wolff 69
The Role of Language Studies in Editing Shakespeare Andreas Fischer 72
International Medieval Congress David Palliser 76
English Historical Linguistics Deborah Collier & Christina Lee 77
70 Years of Anglo-American Studies in Bulgaria Michael Hattaway 78
New Literatures in English Susanne Muhleisen 80
Centres, Projects & Queries 82
Conference Announcements 86
Journals 92
ESSE Board Members 96