Issue IV/2 – Autumn 1995



Cover: the “Irish Frankenstein” (Parnell) in Punch for 1982
(as it appears on the ESSE/Messenger Homepage)


Editorial: Assessment Scandal in Britain

ESSE Matters
Erasmus Meets Socrates: Sparks Fly
A Journal Will Be Born
—— Jean-Jacques Lecercle
ESSE/3 in Glasgow
A Gaelic/English Poem
—— Aonghas MacNeachail

The New Nobel Laureate
—— Terence Brown

Briefing 11: Monstrosity, Historicity and Frankenstein
—— Saba Bahar

Climbing Down Pisgah: F.R.Leavis
—— G.M. Hyde
Mens Sana in Corpore Sano: On the Role of Corpora in Linguistic Research
—— Stig Johansson

Computer Corner
Hanging in the Net
The Humanities in a Digital Age
—— Kathryn Sutherland
The Rationale of Hypertext
—— Jerome McGann
Electronic Dictionaries
—— Robert Clark
“C’est un autre monde, là”
—— Roy Flannagan

Englishes in Europe
France is a Foreign Country
—— Jean-Jacques Lecercle
Functionalism or Critique: the Italian Case
—— Franco Marenco
PASE: The Polish Association for the Study of English
—— Grazyna Bystydzienska & Henryk Kardela
Shakespeare’s Women and Polish Male Critics
—— Krystyna Kujawinska-Courtney

Shakespeare Wrote Plays
—— Ian Robinson
Error i’th[B]ill, sir, error i’th’bill
—— Andrew Spong
Plus ça change
—— Arthur Clayborough
Standard English?
—— Gabrielle Stein & Randolph Quirk

You Say Tomäto: Thoughts on Intercultural Understanding at the Cologne Conference
—— Richard Aczel
Assessment: an Eastern Perspective
—— Boika Sokolova

Reconstructing the Victorians
—— Adam Piette

Upcoming Conferences
ESSE/4 in Debrecen, September 1997
Newspapers in English: a Round Table?
—— Hans-Jürgen Diller & Anne-Marie Simon-Vandenbergen
Conference Announcements and Calls for Papers

ESSE Board Members