Issue IV/1- Spring 1995


Cover: Photograph of the Globe by Robert Clark.


Editorial: Languages and the Word

ESSE’s Primavera: A Report from the Secretary

——Robert Clark
President’s Farewell Address to the Board of ESSE
——Piero BoitaniShakespeare at the Globe?
Thinking about the New Globe
——Andrew Gurr
The New Globe Rises
——Robert Clark
Dr. Strangelove: or How I Learned to Trust in The Globeand Set Fire To My Dreams
——John Drakakis

John McGahern
——Rosa Gonzáles Casademont

Briefing 10:
On the Value of Derrida
——Aled Griffiths

On Translatability
——Wolfgang Iser
“And ???” or, Between the Cracks:
Locating Cultural Studies
——Michael Green
Dialect and Dialects in the New Europe
——Peter Trudgill

Englishes in Europe
Teaching English in Europe: Toward a Single Curriculum?
——Balz Engler
TEMPUS Programmes in English Studies:
Breaking Bars in Bulgaria
——Kalina Filipova
EJES: Topics for a European Journal
of English Studies
——Hans-Jürgen Diller

Computing and ESSE Members: the 1994 ESSE Computing Questionnaire
——Maria Pilar Algas Melindez
New Wars of Religion: Medieval Conferences (Leeds & Dublin, July 1994)
——Margaret Bridges Giacone
Navigating One’s First ESSE Board Meeting: Lisbon 1994

What is Anglistik and Why Are They Saying Such Terrible Things About It?
——Michael Stubbs
Short Oxford History of English Literature
——Tilman Höss

Mapping the Popular
——Jina Politi
Glasgow and Consumerism
——Tony Mortimer

Glasgow ESSE/3 Conference, Sept 8-12, 1995
——Graham Caie
Other Conference Announcements