Issue III/2 – Autumn 1994


Cover: D. M. Thomas photograph courtesy of Bloomsbury Publishing, London

Editorial: Journals and Conference Volumes
ESSE Bursaries 5
Election of ESSE Treasurer and Secretary 6
D. M. Thomas Rosa Gonzáles Casademont 7
Number 9: The t-test in Linguistics Cesare Gagliardi 13
Languages for Life: A Short History of CILT Lid King 15
No Wasted Learning Michael Bell 20
Does One Let Students Rewrite Term Papers? A Student View Elke Meyer 23
Language, Discourse and Literature: Perspectives for Teaching Ronald Carter 24
Literature, Nationalism and the Wider World Jem Poster 37
Abuses of English Studies Derek Brewer 40
Mapping the Popular: The Study of Popular Culture within ritish Cultural Studies John Storey 47
SOCRATES Swallows ERASMUS and LINGUA The Editor 60
The Projected Usage Dictionary of Anglicisms in  Selected European Languages Manfred Görlach and Elzabieta Manczak-Wohlfeld 65
Conference or Consumerism (ESSE/3 in Glasgow 1995) Macdonald Daly 70
On M.A. Kayman’s ‘ESSE’ or ‘Telos’, English Studies in Europe” Frits Stuurman 73
Mini-Checklist 4: Theories of Plot Hilary Dannenberg 74
Current Research in Language Teaching and Learning 1993 The Editor 75
New Writing 3 Peter Conradi 77
Intimate Enemies: English and German Reactions to the Great War 1914-1918 Esther Fritsch 82
Ulysses: A Text for Teaching Richard  Acsel 84
Editor’s Noticeboard
Conference Announcements / Calls for Papers 90
An Index to The Messenger, 1990 – 1994 94