Issue II/1 – Spring 1993


Front cover design by Dr Alistair McLeery, Napier University, Edinburgh.
Secretary’s Report Robert Clark 9
Briefings Number 3: Recent Trends in Stylistics Jean-Jacques Lecercle 14
Who does What – and Where? Channels of Professional Information Within ESSE’s Member Associations Hans-Jurgen Diller 19
English Studies at the Jagellionian University, 1948-1958 Ruta Nagucka 24
English Studies at the Universities of the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) Bernhard Diensberg 28
EFL in Spain: The Example of Barcelona Luz Celaya Villanueva 31
The International Corpus of Learner English Sylviane Granger 34
New Technologies and English Studies Marilyn Deegan 35
An Interview with Malcolm Bradbury Bernard Gensane 39
Mini-Checklist 2: Pedagogical Stylistics Jean Jacques Weber 46
The Real “Scandal” of Ulysses Geert Lernout 47
Briefings Number 4: Forensic Linguistics Malcolm Coulthard 48
ESSE: Resources List Exchanges and Resources Subcommittee 52
Some Thoughts Arising from the Meeting of the ‘Exchanges and Resources Committee’ July 22-23, 1992 Robert Clark 60
Literary Symposium in Thessaloniki Ruth Parkin-Gounelas 62
Briefings Number 5: Recent Developments in British Cultural Studies Susan Bassnett 64
Shakespeare at Stratford: Text and Theatre Robert Smallwood 68
Letters to the Editor 70