Issue I/3 – Autumn 1992


Cover photograph: J. G. Ballard by Marianne Majerus
Front page design: Dr Alistair McLeery, Napier Polytechnic, Edinburgh

Editorial: Englishdom in the Post-Mastricht Age 6
Secretary’s Report 12
English Studies in Bulgaria Kalina Filipova 14
English in Kaunas, Lithuania James W. Bowers 17
A Link between Vilnius and Eichstatt Alfred Bammesberger 19
The Worst of Times: A Talk with J. G. Ballard D. Danziger 20
Norwich: ESSE’s First Ball Hans-Jurgen Diller 23
The National Societies
                    The History of the ‘Council for University English’ Tom Healy 27
                    Anglistentag in Germany Helmut Bonheim 29
Briefings Number Two: Mind-Style Mick Short 31
Mini-Checklist One: Cognitive Semantics Jon L. Erickson 34
Shepherds for Research in English Studies The Editor 35
ERASMUS: Tips and Tricks The Editor 38
The Pleasure of Prose Writing vs. Pornographic Violence: An Interview with Ian McEwan Rosa Gonzalez 40
Review: S. Deane (ed.), The Field Day Anthology of Irish Literature Kevin Barry 46
Review: S. Chatman, Coming to Terms: The Rhetoric of Narrative in Fiction and Film. Manfred Jahn 50
Letters to the Editor 54
Index to The Messenger, Vol. 1 (1990-1992) 57
The Board of ESSE 58