Issue I/1 – Autumn 1991


Cover: Seamus Heaney by Caroline Forbes, courtesy Faber and Faber.


Esse Board Members and National Correspondents 1
Editorial: Apologies / Publications 3
ESSE Inaugural Conference: Official Welcome Piero Boitani 4
Editorial 6
Coming Into Being Terence Brown 9
An ESSE Dialogue with Contemporary British Theatre Elizabeth Sakellaridou 12
Secretary’s Notes Robert Clark 15
British Civilization Studies in Spanish Universities Patricia Shaw 19
English in British Polytechnics and Colleges Daniel Lamont 24
The Any Discipline Approach and Careers in Britain Bill Kirkman 28
Wherefore VIFAX Michel Perrin 32
National Traditions of Literary Criticism Riidiger Ahrens 35
The British Association for Applied Linguistics Jill Bourne 37
The Ehrenpreis Centre for Swift Studies Hermann J. Real 38
Tempus Fugit Mercurius Anglicus 39
In Memoriam: Professor R.W. Zandvoort F.G.A.M. Aarts Back Cover