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Anglicist GS have much to be proud of. The variety and complexity of the achievements is impressive, but most of them have not obtained the recognition they deserve. Very few are known beyond national borders. There are also enormous differences in the degree of academic institutionalisation. A number of countries are extremely hostile, but even within single countries conditions may vary greatly. Gains cannot be taken for granted. The purpose of the Gender Studies Gallery is therefore to present bigger or smaller landmarks – symbolically called “Pictures” – to a European readership with the aim of greater visibility, self-reflection and reassurance (including a bit of self-celebration), encouragement, inspiration and practical help.

Members of the Gender Studies Network and colleagues from Anglicist GS in general are invited to contribute such brief characterisations. Subjects may be (but are not limited to):

  • Anglicist GS journals or book series
  • Anglicist GS research projects
  • Anglicist GS associations
  • Anglicist GS MA or PhD programmes / single modules / well-established summer schools
  • Interdisciplinary journals / book series / projects / associations / programmes with particularly close connections to English Studies and with English as the language of communication.

(Normally, single books – apart perhaps from GS classics – should not be chosen, because the Messenger has a separate reviews section.)

For first ideas please cp. also the “Basic Links“.

The contributions may have up to 1000 words. They should go beyond what can already be retrieved from the Internet by being more focused and specific (which may occasionally entail some degree of subjectivity). The following features recommend themselves for special consideration:

  • Relevance, influence, innovation, aspects of particular interest to GS colleagues
  • European elements and connections
  • Practical suggestions, helpful hints
  • In the case of interdisciplinary examples: accent on Anglicist components.

Submissions to Renate Haas

 The “Pictures”

The condition of Gender Studies: transferable insights from a national survey?, Renate Haas (posted 11 February 2024)
Raudem – The Journal of the Spanish University Association for Women’s Studies, Alejandra Moreno Álvarez (posted 5 May 2021)
Some pre-COVID-19 statistics: research, education, inequality, Renate Haas (posted 31 March 2021)
Key Questions, Renate Haas (posted 24 November 2020)
LGBTI+ Social and economic (in)equalities (LGBTI+-inequalities), COST Action CA19103, Maria Isabel Romero Ruiz (posted 27 October 2020)
The #BOLDGIRLS project: promoting girlhood, girl protagonists and women creators in Irish and international youth literature, Patricia Kennon (posted 23 June 2020)
gender forum – an internet journal for gender studies, Beate Neumeier (posted 4 May 2020)
Gender Studies Centre (GSC), University of Debrecen, Nóra Séllei (posted 3 March 2020)
The Journal La Camera Blu: a Multidisciplinary Approach to Gender Studies, Debora A. Sarnelli (posted 28 January 2020)
Gramma: Journal of Theory and Criticism, Zoe Detsi and Maria Schoina (posted 1 December 2019)
Gendering Brexit, Renate Haas (posted 25 July 2019)
“Parliament Gingerbread” – Suffrage Cookbooks, Renate Haas (posted 4 June 2019)
The Gender Studies Journal, Irina Diana Mădroane (posted 11 February 2019)
Statement of Solidarity (posted 24 September 2018)
Third Meeting of the Gender Studies Network at ESSE Brno, Işil Baş, Florence Binard, Renate Haas, and María Socorro Suárez Lafuente (posted 6 August 2018)
GEMMA and GRACE, Isabel Carrera Suárez and Emilia Durán Almarza (posted 13 June 2018)
Lesley A. Hall’s Web Pages, Renate Haas (posted 27 April 2018)
Women in Parliament: Key Speeches, Renate Haas (posted 21 March 2018)
100 Women – and Lots More – on 100 Years of Voting, Renate Haas (posted 22 February 2018)
The International Vernon Lee SocietySally Blackburn-Daniels (posted 13 January 2018)
English Studies – A Pioneer of Women’s Full Academic Establishment, Renate Haas (posted 10 December 2017)
Sibéal Feminist and Gender Studies Network, Donna Mitchell (posted 24 October 2017)
SAGEF – Société Anglophone sur le Genre et les Femmes, Florence Binard and Alexandrine Guyard-Nedelec (posted 21 September 2017)
The Women’s Library and Information Centre Foundation, Istanbul, Işil Baş and Esra Kazanb (posted 20 August 2017)
The Inking Woman – British Women Cartoon and Comic Artists, Renate Haas (posted 17 July 2017)
Contemporary Women’s Writing Association, Renate Haas (posted 27 June 2017)