Raudem – The Journal of the Spanish University Association for Women’s Studies





Raudem – The Journal of the Spanish University Association for Women’s Studies

By Alejandra Moreno Álvarez

Raudem (Revista de la Asociación Universitaria de Estudios de las Mujeres) is a Spanish digital scientific journal published yearly since 2013. It is addressed to the international academic community, as well as to a wider readership interested in Women’s Studies, Feminist Studies and Gender Studies, with a special participation of English Studies scholars.

Raudem publishes work in Spanish, English and Italian in its four main sections: Articles, Interviews and Literature written by women, and Reviews. It aims at a dual purpose: to disseminate research and critical analysis works related to various disciplines (anthropology, art, law, education, philosophy, history, linguistics, literature, new technologies, psychology, healthcare, sexuality, sociology, etc.) and to make visible the writing of both emergent and renowned female authors from an international scope.

Articles are selected through a peer review process carried out by international scholars who thoroughly analyse each work and base their reports on the following criteria: originality, pertinence, scientific rigour, depth of analysis, bibliography, content organisation and a correct use of language.

Raudem offers contributors and readership alike a unique opportunity to engage in the latest advances in women’s, feminist and gender studies by combining research, original pieces, interviews and reviews in three languages. Hence, diversity is at the core of the journal, and every year new and upcoming voices are incorporated into the archives, which already contain critical and iconic works by prestigious and well-established scholars.

The interdisciplinarity that Raudem offers also allows publication of the latest developments in an array of disciplines in which English Studies and English Studies scholars such as M.S. Suárez Lafuente, María Elena Jaime de Pablos and Irene Pérez Fernández, to name but a few, have played a key role since the very first issue. The Editorial Board and Publishing Committee, under the direction of Alejandra Moreno Álvarez, include a significant number of English Studies scholars who have worked to make of Raudem a landmark for women’s, gender and feminist studies in the English language, with a strong focus on interdisciplinarity.

Raudem welcomes articles from scholars from all over the world that address women’s, feminist and gender issues and encourages interdisciplinary research in emerging fields such as Medical Humanities and History of Medicine and Nursing, STEM, Corporeal Studies and Ecology Studies, as well as research addressing current events and cultural productions, such as political and economic developments and entrepreneurship. Contributors have analysed literature, philosophic approaches, historical discourses, and economic and political developments from countries as diverse as the UK, the USA, Guatemala, Greece, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Jordan and Hungary among many others.

The Interviews section includes key authors in contemporary literature and thinkers such as Marina Carr, Hsu-Ming Teo, Beatriz Gimeno, Rosa Cobo, Rossanna Campo and Maury Marcano.

Raudem also aims to support women artists by encouraging them to submit their works to the Literature written by women section which, following the interdisciplinarity and diversity approach, includes graphic art as well (i.e., vignettes in the 2020 issue).

The open access policy makes the content readily available for consultation and citation, and a search function in English is also available in the website with the aim of multiplying access to the articles.

The journal is published under a Creative Commons licence, Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 and it is indexed in Dialnet, ERIH Plus and Latindex.



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