Research and Support

According to its Constitution, one of ESSE’s main aims is to assist academics in different countries with documentation and resourcing. In this respect, ESSE offers a bursary scheme to help support young academics, and provides book grants to researchers. ESSE also awards prizes to junior and senior scholars for books they wrote in the field of English studies. Besides, ESSE offers financial support for parallel lecture speakers at ESSE conferences and for plenary speakers at national conferences of affiliated national associations. In parallel, ESSE also organises a Doctoral Symposium, open to PhD students who are writing their theses in English Studies.

This is the offer for 2022:

Book and Resource Grants
Book Awards
Book Awards 2022 Shortlists
Bursaries for Research Trips
Bursaries for Gender Studies
Collaborative Project Workshop Scheme
ESSE Conference Parallel Lecture Speaker Support
Conference Plenary Speaker Support
ESSE Doctoral Symposium