ESSE Conference in Galway, Monday 22nd – Friday 26th August 2016

Welcome to the new ESSE website

Dear ESSE members,

Welcome to the new ESSE website that was launched on Friday 22nd January 2016 after weeks of work by Julien our engineer and designer, Jacques the webmaster, and Adrian who, as editor of The Messenger and of the ESSE blog, will manage our new on-line journal.

If you had bookmarked pages from the “old” ESSE site, note that you will need to bookmark them again, most new urls being different from the old ones.
A special note concerning calls for papers: the old urls of individual calls for papers are still valid; all that you need to do is remove “.html” from the old urls and replace it with a slash (/) – but the slash can also be omitted. As an example, the old url:
has now become but is also valid.

We wish that you will enjoy browsing the new ESSE website and that you will visit us frequently!

Jacques Ramel, ESSE webmaster