Displaying the list of recently published cfps

The url of the ESSE feed is https://essenglish.org/calls.xml

Reading the ESSE newsfeed on a smartphone or on a tablet:

In order to read the list of recently pubished cfps on a Smartphone, all that you need is an RSS feed reader. There are dozens of those, most of them free; Feedly is a very popular one for Android, RSS Reader for iPhones – but there are lots of others.

Reading the ESSE newsfeed on a computer:

Here again, the choice is wide. Just Google “RSS feed reader Windows” or “RSS feed reader Mac OS”.

Embedding the ESSE newsfeed in your own website or in the website of your national association:

This is a great way of making visitors to the website of your association come back regularly.

Again lots of apps, usually free, can do this. Most of them allow you to format the display by choosing your own fonts, your colours, the size of the list etc., so that the newsfeed can be made to look as if it belonged to your website.

I personally use the free app FeedWind: https://feed.mikle.com/

First create an account, otherwise your choices will be lost.

You thne enter the url of the ESSE newsfeed (as above), and then you can choose the width of the display, its height (be careful: this choice can limit the number of cfps displayed), the font colour etc. In every category you are offered a limited number of popular choices which you can just tick, but every time “Advanced settings” give you unlimited choice and allow you to make the display more personal if you wish to.

The settings that have been chosen for the display on the ESSE website are:

  • width 930 pixels
  • height 1350 pixels (which displays the 15 most recent cfps))
  • vertical scroll on (but autoscroll off)
  • font size 14 throughout
  • colour #003399 (ESSE blue) for the background colour of the feed title
  • colour #FFFFFF (white) as the colour of the font againt that background
  • #000000 (black) for the fonts in the display for both title and content
  • 200 characters as the maximum length for both title and content
  • display of 15 items (I have assumed that no one woud have much interest in cfps beyond the 15 most recent ones, which therefore cannot be displayed any more

When you have finished, just click on “Save & Get code”; copy the code and paste it where you want the table displayed on your website. This needs to be done only once: if you later alter any of the data (size, font, colours etc.), this will be applied automatically to your website.