Winners of ESSE Bursaries for 2016

Type A Bursaries

Delikonstantinidou Aikaterini, Greece

The Therapeutic Function of the Tragic in Contemporary Performances of Ancient Greek Myths on Latin/ο American Communities

Romero-Barranco Jesús, UK, Malaga

Semi-diplomatic edition and physical description of MS Hunter 135 (ff. 34r-121v)

Pritzker Robyn, UK

Reconstructing the Agency of Women in Victorian Literary Networks

Asensio Peral Germán, Spain

An Irish Writer’s Political Perceptions: Flann O’Brien’s Journalist Writing (1940-1966)

Sroczyński Marcin, Poland

Multi-layered identities of homosexual characters in Alan Hollinghurst’s novels

Gallo Anna, Italy

Language variation among multicultural Anglo-Italian youth in Bristol

Type B Bursaries

Zita Turi, Hungary

Pageantry and Cultural Identity in Early Modern England

Popescu Dan Horaţiu, Romania

Romania and Its Majesty Subjects attempts at recreating the Romania of 1930s as seen through the eyes of British (travelling & travel) writers of the time

Katia Peruzzo, Italy

Linguistic creativity in international case law: an empirical study of the English version of ECHR judgments dealing with Italian cases

Ágnes Zsófia Kovács, Hungary

Edith Wharton’s Travel Writing and WWI

Mariana Sargsyan, Armenia

Exploration of Cognitive Models and Text Concept Sphere in Contemporary Scottish Women’s Writing (Library Research)