Winners of ESSE Bursaries for 2018

Type A Bursaries

  1. Meaghan Ayano Blanchard, BAAHE, Pragmatic markers in native and non-native Englishes: A study into the use of and attitudes to pragmatic markers
  2. Lauriane Brémond, SAES, “Pour ma Chere Chère Soeur”, a critical edition and translation of the correspondence of Charles II and his sister Henriette
  3. Hannah Champion, PASE, The Encoded Queer: Reading expressions of deviancy in 19th C American women writer’s short stories
  4. Ewa Olszewska, PASE, Understanding discourses of art. A reception study
  5. Stefano Rosignoli, NAES, The ethical impetus towards a Libertarian individualism in the early life and work of James Joyce

Type B Bursaries

  1. Angela Andreani, AIA, Serving the realm. Meredith Hanmer and the English Church as an agent of the Privy Council
  2. Kornelia Boczkowska, PASE, Toward the experimental road movie: Revisions of landscape, travel and cultural critique in selected works of post-war American avant-garde and experimental film
  3. Murat Kadiroglu, IDEA, A history of modern English poetry
  4. Yordan Kosturkov, BSBS, The literary oblivion/Damnatio memoriae. Recovering George Meredith
  5. Andrej Stopar, SDAŠ, The prosody of negation: Irony, metalinguistic negation and litotes
  6. Zénó Vernyik, CZASE, Arthur Koestler’s The Age of Longing – Manuscript research