Winners of ESSE Book Grants for 2017

Recognising that it is difficult in some situations to obtain access to books necessary for research without purchasing them, and recognising also that some ESSE members have financial difficulties, ESSE has in 2017 awarded some small grants to its members for the purchase of books in connection with specific research projects. The total amount of money provided for these grants this year was  € 2,000.

Grants were awarded to:

Ralitsa Demirkova (BSBS), Financial Accouting Discourse through the Prism of Translation

Amelia Precup (RSEAS), Eighteenth-century Women Writers Theorizing on the Novel

Pavel Petkov (BSBS), Representations of China in Eighteenth-Century English-Language Travel Writing

Andrea Timar (HUSSE), The Re-Invention of the Human in The Edinburgh Review, under the editorship of Francis Jeffrey (1802-1829)

Irene Diego Rodriguez (AEDEAN), A Linguistic Study of Pseudo-Hippocratic Zodiacal Lunaries in Late Middle English Manuscripts

Andrei Stoevsky (BSBS), The use of articles and other determiners in officialese

Biljana Oklopcic (CASE), Genre World: European Popular Romances in the First Half of the 20th Century