Posting calls for papers

Conference organisers, and editors of journals and of collections of essays, can send their calls for papers for conferences, and calls for contributions to journals and books, to the webmaster for posting on the ESSE webpage, in the ESSE feed and on Twitter (@Essenglish).

The only calls for papers that are published on the ESSE website must:

  • be non-commercial
  • be academic
  • be run by academics with academic affiliations
  • be related to English studies (in a broad sense)
  • include essential information, such as
    • organisers
    • contact details
    • dates and deadlines

Please note:

  • we only publish calls for papers, not the programmes of conferences or the tables of contents of journals;
  • only events taking place in Europe, or closely connected with European universities, are published;
  • a clear deadline for proposals is essential;
  • logos are welcome for inclusion in the cfp;
  • the best format for us is .doc or .docx, but .pdf is also acceptable;
  • in case you do not receive any acknowledgement from the ESSE websmaster within a week or so, do not hesitate to get in touch again – your message may have disappeared in cyberspace;
  • you are welcome to publish information that does not fit into those categories (such as reminders, updates, or any other miscellaneous information) on the ESSE FaceBook page.