Proposing a theme

If you wish to guest-edit an issue, feel free to contact us at any time. The general editors make a selection for the three issues of the next volume in November/ December of each year. We then work with the guest editors to hone the call for papers, which are published via the ESSE website, the European English Messenger, and all other channels at editors’ disposal.

Proposals should address the aims and policy of the journal and be conceived and expressed as broadly and inclusively as possible. Although we do allow the inclusion of one invited contribution from a leading scholar in the field, we are very keen that access to the journal be as open as possible. EJES does not normally publish volumes of conference proceedings, however we are prepared to consider proposals so long as an equal opportunity is given for contributions from scholars who did not participate in the conference.

One of the successful characteristics of the journal has been our recommendation that each issue be edited by a small team of two or three guest editors, preferably drawn from different countries. Please include a rationale for the editorial team.

The general editors are always happy to discuss and help guest editors in developing their proposals.