Most important decisions taken by the Board of ESSE during its ONLINE meeting on 31st August, 2020

1. The Board of ESSE strongly reaffirmed its commitment to promote research and to support activities destined to help young and established researchers. The Board decided to:
• continue with the Bursaries and appointed a Bursary committee for 2021. The deadline for the submission of applications is 1st March 2021;
• continue with the Book grants. The deadline for the submission of applications is 1st May 2021;
• continue with the Doctoral Symposium in both the conference and non-conference years and, for the conference year 2021, to offer funding of up to €10,000 to help eligible doctoral students in need of support to participate in the Doctoral Symposium that will be held in Lyon, France, for two days during the ESSE 15 conference, 30-31st August 2021. The deadline for the submission of applications is 15th January 2021.
• continue the Collaborative Project Workshop, whose purpose is to support a preliminary meeting of European researchers working towards a collaborative research project in the field of English Studies, and to offer funding of up to €8,000 for it. The deadline for the submission of applications is 1st March 2021.
2. The Board of ESSE appointed a nominations committee for the election of the ESSE President and the Editor of The ESSE Messenger. The term of office for both posts will begin on 1st January 2022. The deadline for the submission of applications is 30th April 2021.
3. The Board of ESSE agreed to the proposal of the organizers of ESSE-15 conference to hold the postponed conference in Lyon from August 30th to September 3rd, 2021, with only minor adjustments in the scientific program, as follows:
• all the invited plenary speakers and parallel lecturers are retained;
• all the accepted roundtables and seminars are retained (no new roundtables/seminars can be accepted);
• the number of allotted slots (1, 2 or 3) for each seminar is retained (no new slots can be allotted);
• the lists of participants for each roundtable/seminar can be adjusted (new names/talks can be added) – the minimum number of speakers per 2-hour slot is 4, the maximum is 6.
The Board agreed to the organizers’ proposal to also explore the option of holding the whole conference online or hybrid, in case a full-scale live conference is not possible.
The Board agreed that a new situation update will be circulated in early 2021.
4. The Board of ESSE appointed the Academic Programme Committee for the ESSE-16 conference in 2022 in Mainz, Germany. The Committee consists of up to four representatives from Deutscher Anglistenverband, the host association, and four members delegated by the ESSE Board.
5. The Board of ESSE accepted the bid of Lausanne, Switzerland, as the venue of the ESSE–17 conference in 2024.
6. The Board of ESSE expressed its strong support to the idea of making ESSE’s journal the European Journal of English Studies (EJES) more accessible to the ESSE membership and encouraged the ESSE Executive and the Editors of EJES to negotiate more favourable conditions with the publisher of EJES, Routledge.
7. The Board of ESSE agreed to adhere to the rule established at the Board meeting in 2019 to have only one date for membership updates per calendar year. Fees will be collected according to the membership lists sent to the ESSE Treasurer by 15th November of the current year. Members whose names are included in these lists will be able to claim ESSE privileges the following year, such as ESSE Bursaries, ESSE Book grants, ESSE Book awards, conference fee waivers and the Collaborative Project Workshop Schemes. The only exception will be the ESSE Doctoral Symposium, for which different rules apply as specified in the Symposium announcement.