Conference Plenary Speaker Support for 2022

In 2022, ESSE introduces a new category of research support scheme to support cooperation among national associations and offers funding of up to €3,000.

The purpose of the support scheme is to help national associations with tight resources to invite plenary speakers from other national associations to their own national conferences and to cover their travel expenses.

The invited plenary speaker(s) must be members of one of the national associations affiliated to ESSE (according to the official membership list submitted to ESSE in November 2021).

Application procedure: National associations apply for the travel grant for the invited plenary speaker to the ESSE Secretary, at least three months before the conference.

The application should provide the data about the name, place and date of the national association’s conference, the information about the invited plenary speaker (name, the national association s/he is a member of, affiliation, current position), as well as the provisional travel budget.

Individual travel grants for the invited plenary speakers are limited to €500.

Mode of payment: Once granted by the Executive decision, the funding is paid out to the national association after the conference, according to the expense documentation, the same as for other ESSE travel expenses. (Please use the ESSE Expense Form, and check the ESSE Budget and Reimbursement Guidelines)