The ESSE Messenger invites contributors to submit professional articles and book reviews for its Summer and Winter issues.

The deadlines for submissions are

  • 1 May for the Summer issue, and
  • 1 October for the Winter issue.

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CFP for the Summer 2018 issue of the ESSE Messenger

Multi/Inter-culturalism and identity negotiation

Identity and the redefinition of identity have become of major significance in the modern world.  On the one hand, multiculturalism is perceived as a form of identity politics that tends to advance the interests of particular groups and to determine the cultural values, norms and assumptions through which individual identity is formed.  In addition, interculturalism is frequently regarded as a form of acceptance of differences in an atmosphere of interest, tolerance, self-realization, and support for cross-cultural dialogue.

In light of this, the aim of this issue will be to discuss the perceived (im)balance between dominant host cultures and transnational / immigrant cultures and also the ways in which identity may be regarded as a reflexive self-concept, self-image or outer perception derived from gender, cultural, ethnic values, and individual socialization.

New deadline: 31 May 2018.

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