The ESSE Messenger invites contributors to submit professional articles and book reviews for its Summer and Winter issues.

The deadlines for submissions are

  • 1 May for the Summer issue, and
  • 1 October for the Winter issue.

All contributions sent to the ESSE Messenger should observe the Editorial Code and the Stylesheet.

The Messenger’s next issue – 25-2, Winter 2016 – is due out in December2016.

The suggested topic for professional articles is Shakespeare Lives. In the year when scholars and students, writers and artists celebrate the 400th anniversary of the playwright’s death, the ESSE Messenger Winter issue is again dedicated to the great Bard and invites contributions about how Shakespeare is still connected with the modern world: how he is re-discovered and made part of our lives, how he is played, taught, interpreted, translated, sung, filmed, etc. in the world of today.