Book grants for 2017

Recognising that it is difficult in some situations to obtain access to books necessary for research without purchasing them, and recognising also that some ESSE members have financial difficulties, ESSE awards some small grants to its members for the purchase of books in connection with specific research projects.

Grants will be of a maximum of 300 euro per applicant. However, applications will be kept to the minimum necessary and restricted only to books that fulfil the following criteria:

  • Books that are not held by the applicant’s university libraries and cannot easily and quickly be obtained by interlibrary loan.
  • Books that need to be available to the applicants over an extended period, longer than would be possible through a library loan.
  • Books whose price would place a strain on the applicant’s available financial resources, for example, because of the high cost of the books concerned.

ESSE requests that successful applicants donate the books to their university libraries when their research projects have been completed, so that other scholars can benefit from the books.


  • Grants will be made only to members of ESSE, or to PhD students whose supervisors are members of ESSE.
  • Grants are available for any research project, whether it is formally registered and recognised or simply normal individual academic research. However, it is not the intention to provide books for general academic purposes, e.g. as reference works to have on one’s bookshelf.


The application deadline is 1 October 2017. Applications will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Books included in the application must be bought at the personal expense of the applicant between the application deadline and 30 November 2017.

After purchasing the books, the winners will send the itemised receipts to the Treasurer of ESSE, Alberto Lázaro ( The receipt(s) will include the name of the purchaser, the titles and the cost of the books (even if the purchases are electronic).

Grant money will be transferred to recipients’ accounts before 15 December 2017.

Selection Committee


Applications should be sent to the Chair of the Bursaries Committee using the form attached.



Name ___________________________________________________________________________

(In the case of PhD students who are not themselves members of ESSE: name of supervisor _______________________________________________________________________________)

University ____________________________________________________________________________

Member of which national association? ____________________________ (Applicant or PhD supervisor)

Details of research project

Title of project: ______________________________________________________________________


Starting date: ______________ Expected completion date: ________________

Brief description of the project (if not evident from the title):



Books requested for purchase. Give price of each book in euro, including costs of postage. Continue on another sheet if necessary.





Explain why you feel you are eligible for an ESSE grant to buy the books described above. You should say why the books are necessary for your research project, why purchase is the only viable way to obtain them for your purposes, and why it would be financially difficult for you to purchase them. You do NOT need to provide detailed financial information about yourself – it is sufficient to say something about the general financial situation of academics in your country – but any personal information you do provide will be treated in the strictest confidence.